Production of your item

Production of your item

4,500 square metres • 45 skilful employees • Over 25 in-house processes

In our 4,500 square metres of production space, we have over 25 different in-house processes for handling stainless steel and aluminium. 
Through a commercial agreement, we can construct a solution that meets your requirements precisely. We fully comply with the principles of just-in-time production. Furthermore, we have a special QRM team (Quick Response Manufacturing) that delivers "here and now" solutions in a very short time. 

Three things are certain: We have competitive prices, we deliver on time and our quality is as it should be. Our highly qualified and quality-conscious employees ensure this. We handle everything from:

  • small components to large structures
  • one-of-a-kind production to batch production
  • simple to complex products
  • components to complete solutions
Søren Strunge
"Talk to us about production of your item."

Søren Strunge +45 40 46 92 41 CEO