Assembly of your items, in house and/or on site

Assembly of your items, in house and/or on site

Reduce supplier base • Reduce risks • Save time

If you let us produce the complete item, we save you for the many expensive stages involved in purchasing semi-manufactured products to assemble in your own production facilities. Furthermore less handling of the items reduces the risk of damage.

Our assembly department can perform quality control and tests according to your own instructions, pack products in packaging with your own logo and we can even print a manual to be included with the item. We can send everything directly to you or to your end customer.
If you have large systems to be set up, we can perform as much of the assembly process as possible at our own premises - hereby saving you the more expensive on-site assembly hours. Our experienced assembly team can then finish the installation on-site.

Let us handle the assembly.

  • Achieve a more advanced stage of completion, involving fewer resources
  • We purchase the semi-manufactured products ourselves and mount these on the items we have manufactured for you
  • Less handling means much less risk of damage to the items
  • We test, pack and ship the finished items according to your instructions
Søren Strunge
"Talk to us about assembly of your item."

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