Short time to market

Short time to market

Reach the finish line fast • Reduce costs • Increase flexibility

Our technicians can do more than merely prepare for production.

By letting us help you optimise your product as early as the design phase, you can reduce time to market. Products are constructed and optimised in parallel with the preparation of production, freeing up valuable resources in your design and development departments.

We can also offer redesign and optimisation of the production of your existing products, to reduce manufacturing costs and extend the service life of the product. This allows you time to focus on tomorrow's products. 

We support your design department through

  • exchange of ideas and mentoring
  • optimisation of products
  • 3D modelling, thereby avoiding more prototypes and eliminating seam faults
  • redesign and optimisation of production
  • selection of material dimensions and quality
  • selection of surface finishing

We handle

  • all common file formats
  • close and confidential collaboration
  • preparation of welding procedures and descriptions
  • preparation of production drawings and basis, as well as composition of parts lists
  • manufacture of tools and welding fixtures
Frank Pedersen
"Talk to us about product optimisation and/or redesign."

Frank Pedersen +45 87 34 25 60 Key Account Manager