Report violation

Report violation

Report violation

Jensen Metal's whistleblowing system ensures a high protection level to persons who report serious violations of the law and other serious matters. The scheme can be used if you experience or has a suspicion of these serious matters at Jensen Metal or in case of matters and activities in connection with Jensen Metal.

Jensen Metal is a responsible company with an open culture in which all can feel secure and speak up if they experience potential violations of the legislation. As a start, employees are requested to speak to their immediate manager or a member of general management in these situations, but it is also possible to use the whistleblowing system.

Employees and other stakeholders can report (anonymously or non-anonymously) in the whistleblowing system about suspicion of potential violations of the legislation, including matters that may incur on Jensen Metal financial losses or damage Jensen Metal's reputation.

Which issues can be reported?
The whistleblowing system may only be used for reporting suspicion about potential violations of the legislation in activities related to Jensen Metal. Matters such as bullying, dissatisfaction with pay, inflexibility at work etc. cannot be reported through the whistleblowing system, but instead you can report this through our usual channels, e.g. management and union representatives.
Matters that can be reported through the whistleblowing system are for instance information about:
Embezzlement, theft, corruption, bribery, deceit, fraud, forgery, conflicts of interest, extortion and abuse of inside knowledge,
money laundering, financing of terrorism and illegal activities,
irregularities concerning keeping of accounts and audit, 
material breaches of occupational safety,
providing incorrect or misleading information to public authorities,
physical violence and sexual abuse.

The above list only includes examples. If you are in doubt of whether to report your observation or not, you are urged to do so. All communication is replied to and processed.

Who can report?
Reports can be made by anyone, including employees, suppliers, shareholders and others with relations to Jensen Metal A/S.

Who can be reported?
Matters in which Jensen Metal's employees and other stakeholders affiliated with Jensen Metal are involved in activities with direct relation to the company can be reported. This applies to both employees, general management and the management appointed by Jensen Metal. 

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