Our business

Almost 40 years of experience, which each day is made available to our customers

It all began with J.J. Stål, which was founded in 1979 by sheet metalworker Jens Jensen, primarily as a supplier to the ice cream industry. The proud craftsmen's traditions have been carefully preserved, in spite of the fact that the company has developed from a traditional craftsman's enterprise into a modern industrial group of companies.

Today the company consists of two sister companies, each with its own superior knowledge of how to create solutions that are precisely right for our customers.

  • Jensen Metal A/S, Denmark with 4,500 sqm and 45 employees.
  • LSEZ "Jensen Metal" SIA, Latvia with 16,700 sqm and 245 employees.

It all began with ice

In 1979, J.J. Stål was founded by Jens Jensen in Aarhus, Denmark. The new company was an out-break of O.G. Hoyer A/S, whose tradition for manufacturing equipment for the ice cream industry dates back to 1948. Over the years, J.J. Stål's skilful employees have travelled the world and helped set up ice cream factories in all corners. In recognition of the potential on the American market, Jens Jensen and his son set up a subsidiary, J.J. Steel Inc., at the beginning of the 1990s, and at the end of the 90s they decided to put the Danish part of the company on the market in order to concentrate on their activities on the American market.
In 2000, Scanvaegt International A/S acquired all of the activities in J.J. Stål A/S. It was during this period that the company developed extensive knowledge of conveyor systems, in particular for the food industry.

Time for renewal

Lars-Bo Christensen

In 2003, as part of a major strategic reorganisation of the company, the owners appointed Lars-Bo Christensen CEO and, in 2004, Lars-Bo bought into J.J. Stål A/S.
It was now time for the company to develop from traditional craftsman's enterprise to a more modern industrial firm. By August 2004, subsidiary J.J. Stainless SIA had already been established in Latvia. In 2007, a carbon steel department was added to the activities and, in 2008, the company bought into the carbon steel activities in the neighbouring company in Latvia. In February 2011, the two Latvian companies were merged and, at the same time, not without great deliberation, the entire company was renamed Jensen Metal.
Jensen Metal's total production space now amounts to 21,200 square metres, and the company has 290 employees who master numerous processes and considerable modern technology. However, in spite of the many changes, Lars-Bo is determined to maintain the traditional craftsman's expertise and pride.

The company in Denmark still supplies the ice cream industry, although it has developed into a service provider for a significant number of new industries. The key is our employees, their commitment and adaptability, and their ability to acquaint themselves with new things.