World-class sub-supplier

World-class sub-supplier

About us

Jensen Metal supplies quality components, machines and entire systems in stainless steel and aluminium. 
We can both deliver unique products and provide batch production, with focus on product development, cost optimisation, quality and finish. 
At Jensen Metal, we aim for profitable growth and long-term partnerships with our customers, employees and suppliers. 
We support the success of our customers through continual dialogue about products and innovative production initiatives, and we always provide a service that adds value. 
About us

Mission - who we are

We are a trustworthy and cost-effective supplier of customer specific products in stainless steel and aluminium - from one-off production to batch production.
We focus on generating continuous improvement through involvement of all employees and their skills, thus customers perceive us as a trustworthy, value-adding and competent partner.
We particularly have focus on improvements in the development of cost-effective solutions, value-adding services and thereby enabling our customers to increase their competitive edge, thus ensuring profitability for both our customers and our shareholders.

Vision - where we are going

Our aim is to become our customers preferred supplier by

  • building lasting relationships and successful partnerships
  • being among the best in our class at supplying cost-efficient solutions with shortest possible lead time
  • continuously improve our skills as specialist in re-design, product and production optimisation
  • developing world class value-adding services based on an in-sight understanding of our customers products and needs

Known and respected as such.