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What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file which we store on your computer to be able to track what takes place during your visit to our website and to recognise the computer. A cookie only contains text, is not a programme and contains no virus.

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Cookies are necessary in order to have the website function. Cookies also help us get an overview of your visit to the website, so that we can continually optimise and target the website to your needs and interests. We also use cookies for analysis and statistical purposes.

The law sets out that we can store cookies on your device if it is strictly necessary to ensure the delivery of the service that you have expressly requested to use. For all other types of cookie we must obtain your consent.

This website uses various types of cookies. Some cookies are placed by third-party services shown on our sites.

You can always change or withdraw your consent from the Cookie declaration on our website.

How to reject or delete your cookies
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Rejection of cookies in browsers:
You can always reject cookies on your computer by changing the settings of your internet browser. Where you find the settings depends on which browser you use. However, you should be aware that if you do so, there are many functions and services that you cannot use, as these functions and services presume that the website remembers the choices you make.

You may deselect cookies from Google Analytics here.

It is possible to deselect some advertising networks that share information across various networks, here.

Deletion of cookies:
Cookies that you have previously accepted can subsequently easily be deleted. If you use a pc/computer with a new internet browser, you can delete your cookies by using the shortcut keys: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete.

If the shortcut keys do not function, or/if you use a Mac, you must start by finding out which browser you use, and then click on the relevant link:

Remember: If you use more internet browsers, you must delete cookies from all of them.

Do you have any questions?
If you have comments or questions in connection with our information and/or processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us.

To learn more about us, how you may contact us and how we process personal data please read more in our Privacy Policy.

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