As a special service, we can offer quality collaring for stainless steel pipes

Use of pipe collaring reduces manufacturing costs as there is no need for expensive T-pieces and welds. It also gives a perfect, hygienic inner surface, which is often essential in industries such as the food industry. 
Technical information
Branch connections of varying dimensions can be placed lengthwise and horizontally anywhere within the pipe. 
Material: Stainless steel pipe (18/8 and 18/12)
Exterior dimension: From 25mm to 356mm in diameter
Material thickness: From 1.25mm to 2.0mm (in certain cases up to 3.0mm)
Diameter of collaring: From 10mm to 168mm
In our experience, this covers 95% of the requirements of the food industry.
Benny Christensen
"We are happy to provide you with suggestions for a solution to your specific collaring requirement."

Benny Christensen +45 87 34 25 61 Key Account Manager

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