This is why you should choose us

This is why you should choose us

Your security for a good and sound collaboration

At Jensen Metal, we aim for profitable growth and long-term partnerships with our customers, employees and suppliers. 
We support the success of our customers through continual dialogue about products and innovative production initiatives, and we always provide a service that adds value.
Jensen Metal is a strong partner.  This ensures that you have a partner who will be able to provide you with service tomorrow.

Entering into a partnership with us ensures you:

  • A serious and competent supplier and collaborative partner
  • A partner that always strives to deliver solutions that focus on the customer
  • A partner that thoroughly acquaints itself with the parameters of importance to you as a customer:
    • Competitive prices
    • The exact quality you require
    • Compliance with delivery deadlines
    • Mutual trust and confidentiality
    • Honesty in service and advice
    • Savings in time and resources by allowing us to help with product optimisation or re-design of your product

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